The Top Tradeshow Practices to Implement

Tradeshow best practices are designed to help you get your exhibitions right, and to optimize performance. These rules are not set in stone, but ignoring them may hinder your chances of getting the most out of your trade show exhibit.

There are many ideal practices, but for the sake of brevity, here are a few, which we think should be considered the most important:

Have plans customized for specific events

Don’t have a one-size-fits-all marketing plan for all your exhibitions. With every event, be sure to create a marketing plan specifically customized for that particular event. This is because you will always encounter different audiences, different competition, and even different marketing seasons. Therefore, each plan must always be unique.

The promotional materials must be congruent to your products

Any promotional material you have must naturally fit with the products/services or the theme you will be displaying on your trade show. For instance, if you are in the tech industry and you want to have a giveaway, ensure it is relevant. It would be more appropriate to give away a flash disc than an umbrella in such a situation, unless your booth design is all around rain or umbrellas.

Have some activity in the booth space

Activities in booth spaces will help attract more people to your stand, because people naturally love movement. If you have something going on in the booth space, out of curiosity, attendees will head over just to see what it is that is happening.

Hold a pre-show meeting with staff

Prior to the floor opening, meet your booth staff and remind them of what is expected of them. In a gentle manner, remind those who have certain areas to improve on about what they should do, and just encourage them to give your booth attendees their very best.

Clear message on the graphics

The graphics must send out very clear messages to whoever will be seeing them. The fewer words you use, the clearer the message will be. The message should also be supported by an appropriate image.