Tradeshow Exhibit Add-ons that Won’t Cost You a Fortune

Tradeshow add-ons are supposed to add more flexibility and versatility to your exhibition booth and to the entire tradeshow experience. They are not entirely necessary, but what if you could have them without spending a fortune? Here is our selection of some of the add-ons you can use under $500:

Surface or iPad stand

A tablet in front of your booth is a subtle invitation to the attendees to engage. You could opt for a free-standing iPad stand or for the ones attached to a wall, or simply have it on an existing counter or table.

Literature Stand

Instead of piling the marketing materials and giveaways onto the counter, you could put them away or on a little stand, this would at least give you the opportunity to interact with the visitors.

TV Monitor

It is as if all exhibits nowadays have monitors, and the good news is that they are very affordable. If you do not use them yet, you should think to acquire them. They are often an eye catcher and if you are busy with other visitors, they might get some information or make them wait just a little be more while you are ending the previous conversation.

Table throws

Maybe you are having a small exhibit, or you have placed a small table right in the middle of a large exhibit. Either way, it is easy to add some nicely designed table throws for more visuals and versatility.

A charging table

You don’t necessarily have to invest in a complete charging station for your booth visitors, but you can turn a small table or counter into a charging station, complete with an add-on charging kit and ‘’Charging Station’’  vinyl lettering. Not everyone will have a charging station at their stands, so by having one, you will have included a nice little feature that your visitors will be very grateful for.