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Custom designed integrating your brand DNA, there is no booth creation challenge beyond our capabilities.

Archex is a globally focused full service exhibit house and custom trade show display company, with a proven track record of award winning international trade show booth designs. We specialize in the construction of custom tradeshow exhibits.

We incorporate the latest technology and select the finest and most durable materials for your custom display booths. It will be specifically suited to ensure your investment puts you a step ahead of your competition on the trade show floor in any convention center anywhere around the globe.

Archex, is renowned as one of the best trade show booth design and construction companies in the industry and we are here to partner with you.

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Even more, meticulous custom exhibit construction methods, as well as the use of energy efficient, lightweight and cost effective materials ensure you will save marketing dollars. Checkout our blog for more trade show booth ideas.

Go beyond traditional customer experience at your next trade show.

Rent a LED video wall!

Grab attention with dynamic content.

Customize the wall to your needs.

Highlight your innovations.

Elevate your trade show exhibit today!

Rely on creative technology to stand out.

2D and 3D motion design

Augmented reality

Interactive applications

We have the perfect creative solution for you!

Ready to shine with peace of mind at your next event?

Take your first step towards success.