Least Used Tips for Tradeshow Exhibition Success

Having successful tradeshow exhibitions is not rocket science. There is no significant difference between those succeeding and you, other than the fact that they have become better at planning and execution, and they are probably using certain tips and techniques you aren’t applying. To make your next show successful, below are the top reasons that drive tradeshow success around the globe:

Pre-show marketing

Pre-show marketing is essential in making your presence known in that particular show, thus increasing the possible number of attendees during the day of the event. There are a number of ways you can do this, but with every approach, you should consider encouraging every guest to invite a friend or two to come with them for the event. If done correctly, it is an effective means of getting very warm leads.

Post-show marketing

Post-show marketing is also as important as pre-show marketing. Consider taking a day or two after the show to send Thank You notes along with trade show promotional offers to your visitors. The offers should have an expiration date to create urgency so that they can take the required action as soon as possible.

Volunteer as a speaker at the show

Most tradeshows will book speakers months in advance. As the day approaches, some speakers will always opt out, and this is your chance to get in touch with the organizers so that you may step in for those who opt out last minute. If you get the chance, suggest a panel discussion on a relevant topic, and one that will give you the door to expose your products or services during the event.

Assign dynamic and most knowledgeable staff to work at the booth

You must get it right with your booth staff if you want to succeed at any tradeshow exhibition. For good results, consider deploying only the most dynamic and knowledgeable staff to man your booth on that day.