Use These Technologies to Take Your Next Tradeshow to another Level

You no longer need to settle for boring displays or tradeshow booths because you didn’t have the technology or you couldn’t afford it. What we have now are robust and affordable options every exhibitor should consider using, not just to make things around their booths attractive, but also to engage visitors more productively.

Here we bring you a few of the technologies you should consider that will help you take your next event to a new level:

Square shaped light panels

You can enhance your next booth with touch-controlled square panels. These are touch sensitive lights you can adjust by simply sliding your finger or tapping on the screen. They are ideal for creating beautiful backdrops in your booth. Additionally, they can be used with void and motion sensors to create immersive sounds and sights that will wow your attendees.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented technology remain cutting-edge, even in the consumer space, and bringing them to your tradeshow booths is bound to create a lot of differences between you and your competition. Their costs are already falling, and the quality of their graphics is improving, thus making them more affordable and ideal for a range of applications in a typical exhibition booth.


Sony 4K OLED TV is considered the mother of all projections, and it would be an excellent tech inclusion in your next tradeshow. It will make the difference you need to stand out, as far as projecting presentations and demos are concerned during tradeshow exhibitions.

LG 90-Foot OLED Canyon

This is a new commercial display technology used to create eye-grabbing immersive installations, which allow attendees to experience blizzards, waterfalls and much more, with complete audio accompaniment. Include this in your next exhibition, and be the center spark for all the attendees on that floor.