How to Avoid Tradeshow Shipping and Storage Headaches

Tradeshow shipping and storage is never a walk in the park. Dealing with late or missing deliveries, broken supplies, and materials, hold-ups at the marshaling yards and huge drayage bills can sometimes be very frustrating, and if not handled correctly, the entire planned exhibition may be in jeopardy. Here are a few tips to help you deal with the headaches associated with tradeshow shipping and storage:

Always mark your boxes

Every container, crate or box you use should be marked with a visible and water resistant label showing the name of your company, your trade show display number, the name of the tradeshow, the venue, and the total amount of pieces (such as crate 1 of 12). It is also common to find the weight and dimensions of the crates as well as the appropriate symbol if the items are fragile for example.

Have all the necessary contact information handy

When common emergencies arise such as missing shipments or your booth suddenly loses power, you don’t want to spend valuable time hunting down the show rep by foot. Before you leave for the show, ensure you have all the necessary contacts in order to run the event. Ideally, you should have the contact numbers for the show promoter, the venue’s contact number, and your exhibit house account manager.

Be ready to leave

Complete all the necessary paperwork and make any payments needed for the exhibition without delay. Failing to handle these important details may subject you to unnecessary last-minute rush, which may even cause you to miss the event.

Have quality branded storage

It is highly recommended that you invest in durable and reusable containers for your tradeshow transport. If you go for bright and visible colors, your containers will always be easy to spot on the receiving dock, and this will avoid trouble with misplaced or lost containers. Additionally, you will be assured of custom storage, ensuring the safety of your tradeshow items.