Archex it’s 45 years of creativity

Photo : Anik, Stephanie, Jacques

45 years of design and creation of custom tradeshow displays, bold projects, innovations, travels, human relations, amazing customers and employees who are part of our family.

Today, Anik and Stéphanie Forest form the heart of Archex. These two are full of energy and humor. 45 years ago, it’s their father, Jacques Forest who launched himself in the trade show business and founded the company we know today.

Many remember Jacques as a seasoned entrepreneur and visionary who built a solid business, left his mark in the tradeshows industry while ensuring the next generation.

Today, we could not celebrate this important milestone without paying tribute to Jacques.

Archex has been part of our life story for 45 years.

Archex infographic timeline 45th

While 2020 has been a challenging year for us at Archex, as it has been for many of our partners, our priority has remained the same as for the past 45 years, our family, our employees and our customers. While letting the storm pass, we worked at expanding our expertise outside of events and trade shows.

But at the eve of our anniversary, after more than a year without trade shows, we finally set foot in a convention center in the United States. We did what we do best, make our client shine, always with the same passion.

Archex Westgroup tradeshow

How do we explain our long-term success in the event industry? With every meeting, we consider ourselves business partners. We do not operate with a product catalogue. We prefer to sit down with each of our clients to find real, effective and innovative trade show solutions.

What will the next few years hold for Archex? We have some ideas, so stay tuned. But one thing is certain, we will keep humans at the heart of all our activities.