How to Give Your Sponsors the Value They Deserve

When corporate comes to sponsor your event, they need more than just their names on your banners. They are more interested in having a partnership that reflects their values, and more importantly, the brand awareness they will get from having you getting more attendees to your exhibit booth.

Having the ability to provide your sponsors with tangible and measurable value, will set you apart from the rest, and will ensure you have enough sponsorships to get you through the year. Here is how you can give your sponsors the value they deserve:

Know your audience

Sponsors are interested in you demonstrating that you have a good understanding of your audience. There are analytical tools and database solutions you can use to quickly and easily know more about your audience. Some of the metrics your sponsors are interested in, include the size of your audience, their challenges, and the types of companies they work for, their budget, socio-demographic data, and the types of events they attend amongst others.

Identify your assets

Your assets range from what you will be displaying to speaking opportunities in exclusive marketing events. Find out what your most valuable assets are, and spy on your competition to find out what is making them more successful than you. Once you know what your assets are, it will be much easier to put a price tag on each of them, and this will be vital in negotiating the sponsorship, because you have a good understanding of your worth. If the sponsors like the kind of value they are likely to gain from this partnership, they will be interested in jumping on board.

Provide custom deals

Most sponsors desire to pay when they see the value they will be getting. Instead of having a one-size-fits-all package, introduce various options such as Gold, Bronze, and Silver, showing precisely the kind of value that sponsors will get from each package. This will also give them a chance to make a choice that best fits their needs and budget.