Top Three Ways to Promote Your Event on Social Media

If social media is not one of your arsenals for marketing your trade show, then you are missing out on a gold mine. Almost all your prospective clients spend a reasonable amount of time each day using the social media, and it is an excellent avenue for getting them and interacting with them to promote your events. Here are the top three methods you can use to promote your event on social media effectively:

Live Streaming Videos

Live streaming is hot right now, and almost all the major social media platforms support it. The networks will alert your followers each time you go live, so that they can join it to watch and engage you in the live stream. You can use live streaming to educate your followers on the importance of attending the event, holding interviews with speakers and also for carrying out product demonstrations during the trade show.

Visual content marketing

Every marketing promotion you have should always feature visual content. Studies indicate that visual content gets 94% more views than dull and boring content. You can take advantage of visual content to promote your event using:

  • Quotes from industry speakers
  • Images with the event name, venue, location, date and contact information
  • Infographics
  • Relevant tips and stats about products or services
  • Video previews of the happenings at the event
  • Behind the scenes photos of staff

You don’t have to be a professional designer to come up with relevant graphics. Some are simple, and you can create them by yourself or hire a freelancer to create them for you at affordable rates.

Social Media Ads

Using social media ads is one of the best ways to promote your event on social platforms. The targeting offered by the platforms will ensure you show your marketing message to the right type of audience, and depending on your ads, it is possible to have lots of people streaming in for the event. Social media ads will also help to increase your brand awareness when promoting an offer, a product or a service.