The Archex Coups de Cœur, the award goes to …

It is a well-known fact in the industry that we treat our team, clients and partners like family members. This year, we wanted to take this statement a little further and have fun by putting together an awards contest; our Coups de Coeur projects.

What are Archex’s Coups de Coeur? -A celebration of our customers, their creativity, branding, ideas and displays of course. Everyone at Archex, from the design team, sales, production, and logistics divisions, have voted on their “feel-good” stands of the year, throughout various categories.

An exercise that had no rules other than simply following our hearts in the voting process.

There was no preconceived list of contenders, nor was there any specific judging criteria. The selection was purely based on the individual’s personal choice of exhibition booth project, which stood out and inspired them, making them proud to be part of the team.

As you can imagine, there were many stands to choose from. Visit our portfolio to see all the projects that were factored into the selection:

Without further ado, we present to you, the Archex Coups de

Category Custom Exhibit – large exhibits
SUNSET Converting Corp

SUNSET Converting Cor

Do you know Sunset? Based out of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, they operate an automated plant, with several production lines to manufacture quality, cost-effective private label tissue products for clients in the North American redistribution market. They came to us for their tradeshow display.

Why did our team choose the Sunset custom exhibit? -Primarily based on the brand, and the polished, sleek look. All the essential elements for a successful tradeshow presence within a beautiful setting. One of our team’s favourites.

Category Custom Exhibit – large exhibits

Headquartered near Cincinnati, Ohio, with facilities worldwide, ProMach is a family of product brands that operate across the entire production line, in distinct business lines: filling, bottling and capping, decorative labelling, flexibles and trays, pharma, handling and sterilizing, labeling and coding, among various others.

We love the challenge brought on by ProMach. Incorporating many brands and creating a story, a flow under one banner, is not only a challenge for our production team, but for our design team as well. Our brainstorms are always interesting.


Category Custom Exhibit – mid-sized exhibits


Founded in 1995, Sanuvox Technologies’ mission has been to design a line of residential and commercial UV air and surface disinfection units, which reproduce the natural purification process of the sun in the upper atmosphere. Very impressive!

Why did we select this particular custom exhibition booth? Because it is a perfect example that you can have an impactful booth, on a smaller budget. We love the simplicity of the space. We are proud to put the Archex stamp on it.

Category Portable Exhibit

Based in Montreal, the team at Worximity is working towards continuously improving their client’s production efficiency, with simple and scalable technologies. Their solutions provide reliable data to these clients, helping them to make better decisions across their entire factory ecosystem.

At first glance, it is simple to see why our team chose this particular portable exhibit- Originality. On any tradeshow floor, we notice a variety of portable exhibits, banner stands, and backdrops. None have stood out to the same extent as this configuration for Worximity.


Category Commercial Environments – Broadcast studio
Renmark Financial Communications Inc.

Renmark Financial Communications Inc

Renmark is a full-service investor relations firm representing small, medium and large cap public companies trading on all major North American exchanges. With 4 offices across North America, we are delighted to welcome them to the Archex family.

Why did our team select this particular studio for our Commercial Environment “Coups de Coeur”?  For the story behind the project and for the versatility of the design (the city backdrop changes depending on the location of the interlocutor); A fantastic project.

Category Commercial Environments
Érablement Bon and Aanagram Studio

Érablement Bon has one simple mission: to share the delicious syrup of their maple grove with everyone. Their new image reflects the pride and pleasure they take in helping us discover the wonderful world of maple. We love that mission (and their products).

Do we really need to explain the reasons why our team of sugar lovers chose this project? Because it looks as good as it tastes, thanks to the wonderful design from Aanagram Studio. This project was simply a treat for all of us.

Érablement Bon and Aanagram Studio

So by now, you must be wondering what these companies actually won?

Each client received their very own, custom made, “Coups de Coeur” trophy. In order to reflect our sustainability engagements, as well as those of our clients, recycled materials were used to create these awards.

This exercise is the perfect occasion for each and every member of our staff to thank all of you for entrusting us with your exhibit program, working with us as a partner, and helping us continue to learn and grow as a company.

Let’s make this a yearly tradition!