Need a new trade show display for your season? 5 easy steps to get the magic going!

One of the best and most valuable lessons we have learned and perfected over the 45 years that we have been in this business, is the need for us to better know each other. The reason is simple: you have a message to send and we have to transform that message into an object – a new trade show display.

Although we rely on the design and manufacturing of trade show exhibits for income, we truly are in the consulting business, and offer a myriad of new trade show display ideas. Virtually everything we do are custom trade show displays based on your individual and specific needs. No two exhibits are the same just as no two requirements are the same.

In order to get to the stage where we are building your exhibit, we have to consult with you: to learn about your company, its history and market, your products, what they are used for, and what they do; their features and benefits. We have to know your dreams, and what you are trying to achieve by participating in a trade show: what is the desired end game? Your prior history of trade show participation, what worked and what didn’t, along with the shows you are planning on entering and of course, your budget. Archex wants to know everything about your business!

Once we get to this point, the “magic” begins.

Let’s open the consultation with these 5 easy topics:

The story of your company, your brand

We need the whole story. When did your company start? Who started it? Why did it start at all? What was the original vision of the company and has it been achieved? How do you see the future, what are your goals? The story behind the brand and the products is often a show-stopper on a trade show floor. Learn more about the top tips for effective tradeshow branding

Your products/services

We need you to tell us about what you manufacture or promote. What is the purpose? What are they made of? What are the pros and cons of what you make or do? A brief history of how the products originated, their progression and where are they today: a timeline? We should keep in mind that an impressive 92% of trade show attendees visit the trade show to see what new products and services are offered in their industry. We need to focus on your products and services.

Furthermore, we want to understand how is the product made? What materials? Why do you do this or that: questions that arise as more questions are answered. These questions are often the key to the exhibit as answers always evolve into some “hot button” that we can use as the carrot to draw visitors into the booth: the secret sauce on the sesame bun that separates you from the rest of the players. It is usually this fact that you take for granted that makes the difference in what we do together.

Evaluation of your market

Your competitors will be at the show. We want to learn about them and we want to know what makes you different. Identify and highlight those small but very important differences that might be a reason for someone to visit. How important is price? Are you competitive? If you aren’t then features such as quality, on time delivery, warranties etc. have to be emphasized.

Your Trade show vision

This step is crucial for the success of your Trade Show season. We need to know what you want to portray, what is important to you and how you think it should be said. Most importantly, what are you trying to achieve by participating in a trade show, what are your main objectives? What has worked for your company in the past and what hasn’t? What is your upcoming trade show calendar and what are you expecting from Archex?

Your budget

Of all of the questions that we will be touching, this one will, by far, be the most difficult to answer. How much of an investment you are ready to make for a successful trade show experience? Too often we hear “I don’t have a budget. Give me a proposal and put a number on it”. We can do that, but it is generally ineffective in reaching a mutually satisfactory plan of action and tends to result in a lot of guesswork. Instead, we prefer to establish a budget amount once we have an idea of what you are seeking. The last question is “How much should I spend?”. Total price may vary based on whether you require trade show product displays and/or trade show table displays.

Let us illustrate with an analogy. You can pay less for a car, but if you don’t begin by assessing your needs, it will end up becoming an expense that carries tremendous limitations. For instance, some considerations may include how many passenger seats you need (2, 4, 6 or 8), whether you will be doing a lot of mileage and should purchase a car that offers significant fuel economy, along with the storage available within the vehicle.The same goes for one of Archex’s custom trade show displays.

The display will be used over and over again – it is not a one shot deal. Transportation, storage, installation etc. will always be there, and will remain the same regardless of what you initially paid. Our advice, based on years of experience helping our clients, is to have Archex design and build your real and complete dream trade show booth from the start, so you can reap the maximum rewards starting now, and for years to come.

In short we look upon this as a team effort: we are in this together. We want to be proud of what we build for you and we want it to work for both of us. We will complete a detailed needs assessment, and will accompany you throughout the entire process.

In case you’re wondering whether Archex is available to produce new trade show displays near me, the most popular areas we serve in Canada are as follows:

  • Montreal
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver

We also offer new trade show booth design and creation throughout the USA.

A Bit More About Archex

Archex logoArchex Display is a global trade show display company with over 45 years of experience in supporting our clients with outstanding exhibit design and trade show support.  In addition to designing and building show stopping exhibits, our custom design/build Exhibit House also excels in commercial interiors and retail environments.

Our award winning trade show booth designs have received praise from clients, show management and exhibit industry associations across the globe.

Archex Display has a full team of new trade show display pros. Our exhibit professionals are on-call during every phase of the trade show process, including booth design, trade show management, exhibit transport, installation and dismantle services as well as coordinating show services with every major convention center in North America and overseas.

Exhibitors as well as trade show & event managers can learn more about Archex, our services and exhibiting with a Peace of Mind by visiting, emailing or calling us at 514-334-1012.