Tradeshow Ideas Designed to Bring a Boring Booth to Life

If you have been attending tradeshows, then you know that booth design is one of the factors that will determine whether visitors will flood your booth or if your booth staff will have a field day doing nothing during the event.

This is why it is imperative to have a nicely designed booth that will effortlessly attract show visitors to your stand. If you are struggling to come up with the perfect booth, here are some tradeshow booth designs ideas for you:

Incorporate VR or AR

With the introduction of VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) into the tradeshow industry, flat photo booths are quickly becoming outdated. Almost every exhibitor is now trying to incorporate both VR and AR into their stands because they are very powerful tools, and are known to attract the masses. If you have been sticking to a photo booth, try AR or VR for a change.

Improve the booth’s lighting

Poor lighting in a modular booth design is sure to make everything inside the booth, along with everything around it appear dull and lifeless. To overcome this, try enhancing the booth’s lighting by inserting illumination into every possible place available, to make the booth attractive and make the items being exhibited more visible, even for guests way across the hall.

Use glass or acrylic panels

If you want to make your exhibition space more private, but attractive and inviting, then think about using glass or acrylic panels. You can also use plexiglass, with some kind of backlighting to change the entire appearance of the booth.

Praise the ground they will walk on

Of course, the floor will have some carpet, but by adding something special inside or surrounding your booth, you will make potential visitors feel even more special when visiting your booth, and this will also increase the odds of them passing by your stand. Again, if you are the only exhibitor with branded carpets, or even just one of the few, you will immediately stand out from the crowd.