returning to tradeshows

Returning to Tradeshows – Your Ultimate Guide

The tradeshow industry was one of the first to collapse in March 2020 and is one of the last to revive. While Covid-19 is not yet in our rear mirror, we can now affirm that our conventional tradeshows are back and safe.

Why do we insist on getting the tradeshows back asap? Why not try to find a better solution?

Simply because there are no better solutions for millions of businesses around the globe who depend on these live events to increase their leads, sales, brand awareness and customer relationships.

At Archex, we know that getting back to in-person events can be challenging. That is why we have put together this Ultimate Guide to walk you through the many steps between now and your first show.

This guide explores :

  • The tradeshow industry today
  • Virtual Tradeshows
  • A Case Study – Westgroupe returning to trade shows
  • How to plan your return to Tradeshows.
  • From Budgeting to what to expect from events post-pandemic.
  • Your Next Step

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ebook : Exhibiting post-pandemic