Trade show postponed 3 tips to turn it into an opportunity

A wise man once said : “If you want to make God laugh – Go ahead, plan something”. How true! How quickly things change. Sales and marketing plans have been delayed and disrupted. However, “planning” for the future must carry on.

The tradeshow industry has been undeniably impacted, as one after another, the majority of trade shows were put off. If you were exhibiting at a trade show in April or May, you probably experienced one of 3 scenarios :

  1. The show was postponed to a later date.
  2. The show was canceled with a possibility of refund or credit for next year’s event.
  3. The show was transferred to an online event.

Let’s be honest, chances are that your original investment will not be recouped entirely. However, not all is lost. Your marketing and sales objectives and strategies are in place, your branding is at its best including your trade show display, your A-team was and probably still is ready-to-go.

Let’s put that positive momentum to work over the next few weeks so you’re ready for your next trade show.

Here are a few tips from our marketing and sales team :

Purchase attendees lists

Most trade shows offer this option. Opening up communication with “attendees” will improve the quality of your upcoming face-to-face interactions. Inform them, get them excited about your products and services, start planning your in-person meeting, as many events have already communicated their future dates. Your next trade show is an opportunity to meet and follow up with these new yet already warm contacts, rather than using the show to generate entirely new contacts.

Offer free sampling

Getting your products in the hands of your future customers has always been the best sales tool. You were planning giveaways at the show, perhaps some merchandising? Don’t wait until the fall, again, start the conversation right now and use your next event as an opportunity to close deals. Consider adding a seating area in your trade show booth – you will profit from it.

Product / service launch

Have you been planning to launch a new product or service at the show? Start planning an online teaser campaign. Your customers and leads will pay attention! They will likely try to guess which product or service is on its way, and may even contact you to discuss. They will be eager to meet you at your next event for more info and to finally see your new product being unveiled – A great discussion starter!

Even though exhibiting at a trade show may be the furthest thing from your mind at the moment, exhibiting has played a significant role in getting you to where you are right now. And exhibiting will also play a significant role in maintaining & growing your business once trade shows return. Contact us to discuss your future plans and we will work together to make them happen.