Create a 2 Minute Sales Pitch for Your Booth

Attending a trade show is an important part of your marketing plan. Once your booth has been designed and built you now need to understand how important the first contact with a potential customer is when they walk into your booth space.  Archex can help bring those prospects to your space but then what…

Introducing your brand to potential clients, partners or investors is a difficult and perplexing part of marketing. You must be both enticing and relevant. Not saying enough can leave  them missing your brand’s objective and how it can benefit them whereas overloading them with information can drown out the more important points and leave them dazed and confused. Archex understands that a show floor is visual overload don’t make your message verbal overload.

Imagine your booth is an elevator and you will share the space with this new person for the next 2 minutes.  What do you say? When preparing your Elevator Speech, some specific steps must be followed but, never forget your main goal: Position your brand and show this elevator passenger how you can benefit them.  The 10 floor journey is about them not you. Get straight to the point. 2 minutes is all you need to catch the attention of your potential customer and to show them your brand is exactly what they need. Should you fail, it will be next to impossible to re-engage them.

How do you determine what to say?

Step 1. Who are you

After a quick personal introduction (Hi I’m Mark from XYZ), concentrate your attention on the image, strength and power of your brand and how it is relevant to your guest. Who are you as a brand? Be authentic, clients love the story “behind the brand”. They also want to quickly see if this is just a means for you to make a quick sale or if this is something you truly believe in. Nothing speaks louder than pride.  Be proud of your brand.  Be an enthusiastic chest pounder. The first words will definitively determine the client’s perception of your brand for eternity so choose wisely.

Step 2. What do you do

Now tell them what the company can do for them. Most importantly make sure to share how your products or services can help and be beneficial to them. Use keywords that make you stand out. Are you faster, higher, stronger, more cost effective, lower maintenance, more widely distributed or more cost effective?  Tell them with conviction but provide a backup benefit.  Our widget is 3 times stronger than anyone’s else’s (statement), which means fewer replacements and lower long term expenditure for you, (benefit).  It is very important to be clear and concise. Your clients should not have to think to understand what the company does or why they should do business with you.  .

Don’t use overwhelming, confusing industry specific jargon.  Talk to your guests level of knowledge. Use only words your guest will understand.

This elevator ride could be the difference between your brand and other competitors. It allows the client to decide if they want to do business with you.

Step 3. Seal the deal

Add some quick details about what sets you apart, is it a new technology? A more efficient design? Why should they do business with you?

Don’t think this is something easy to do. Write it down, practice with friends and family outside your industry and see if they understand. Refine the process until it feels perfect and then refine it more.  Own it and your guest will feel it.

Following these few steps could really help you to clarify the presentation of the brand to potential customers, partners and investors.

It can take months to plan and build a trade show but once you turn on lights every two elevator ride you take over the next 3 days is an important journey.

If you want to learn more your Archex Account Manager can help you.