Archex Display is proud to announce that, along with Pajar, we have been awarded Most Innovative Booth Design at the Magic – FN Platform Show in Las Vegas.

This begs the question, “How truly important is trade show booth design”? A properly designed booth works its magic well beyond the trade show floor. Pajar will receive benefit well beyond the closing dates of the show and long after the floor is cleared. Industry influencers, fashion gurus, branding professionals, buyers and customers will now be more aware of Pajar, (or maybe even Archex), than ever before.

An exhibit design team must specialise in designing trade show exhibits that offer extended benefits to our customers. The Archex design team has been trained to listen to our customers well beyond the point of the basic needs. We probe deep into your goals, we dig deep into the sole of your business to uncover growth opportunities that can be brought to the surface through your exhibit.

Many exhibitors use the phrase “we want our exhibit to pop”. We will to make you “BOOM”. We accomplished this goal for Pajar at Magics FN Platform and we can make it happen for you.

Congratulations Pajar and congratulations to the Archex Design Team.