10 Eco-Responsible Tips for An Eco-Friendly Exhibition Stand

Our mission is to make our customers shine with peace of mind. Today, that peace of mind is not just about great customer service, easy-to-assemble trade show booths, or simplified logistics.

At Archex, this peace of mind comes from an integration of sustainability practices that allow you to participate in temporary trade shows while being environmentally friendly.

Sustainable development, yes, but what does it mean exactly? In definition, it means thinking about our development activities in a way that ensures we meet our present needs without compromising future generations in meeting theirs.

Simple? Not exactly. But we can help you limit the impacts of your tradeshow exhibit, at your next convention center.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Development

Archex’s shift towards sustainability comes from the heart of the company: the employees. After noticing the everyday actions of employees, the leaders in 2014 decided to add reducing our environmental impact to the company’s list of annual goals.

Therefore, we proceeded to a first diagnosis in sustainable management of our operations. We were pleasantly surprised with our results.

A list of actions and best practices to be implemented in the company followed.

Eco-friendly Certification - Archex In 2018, we wanted to take another step in our sustainable management, structuring our efforts to create a concrete plan of action. We had a specific goal, to reduce our carbon footprint while creating a unifying project within our company.

Since then, we obtained our Eco Cert certification and created an internal sustainable development committee.

The Top 10 Archex Sustainability Initiatives

1. Our Reuse and Recycle Program for Banner Stands.

In partnership with our clients, we reuse the same frames year after year, simply reprinting the graphics.

2. Our Participation in The OSPI International Group.

We are members of a group of over 150 companies in our industry, internationally. This partnership with OSPI allows us to produce tradeshow elements directly in our client’s exhibition city, rather than having the material travel.

3. Our Second Life Process for Kiosk Materials.

We have set up a process aimed at finding a second life for certain materials and equipment in exhibition stands. For example, it is possible to reuse a counter, a carpet, or a light box for another client while adjusting the colors and logo to respect the brand image of the second client.

4. The Establishment of Our In-House Sustainability Committee Began in 2018.

The committee members are constantly working to develop new initiatives that will allow us to offer you ever more environmentally friendly trade show booths.

5. Over 30 Initiatives to Reduce Our Environmental Impact in The Office.

(water, waste, neon, printing, etc.)

This way, we reduce the overall impact of our entire process of creating your trade show display. From sales, to design, to accounting, to the fabrication shop.

6. Our Trade Show Exhibit Rentals.

Ideal for the reuse of materials, take a look at our portfolio of exhibit rentals, we are sure to have the right design for you.

7. Custom Trade show Exhibits Developed Based on a Modular System.

Reusable, and reconfigurable to meet the different needs of our customers. Our custom trade show displays are more flexible and have an increased lifespan.

custom tradeshow exhibit

8. Using Aluminum a  Primary Construction Material.

Why is it so important? For its fast and efficient recycling cycle. Did you know that 75% of the aluminum produced on the planet is still in circulation, recycled and reused? Ideal for temporary creations such as exhibition displays.

9. Our Concrete Plan for Reuse or Recycling of Building Materials.

We recycle our materials at the end of their life, whether it is: PVC, metal, aluminum, cardboard, wood, Plexiglas, electronic products, etc.

10. Our Carbon Offset Program.

We set up reforestation and tree planting activities. We always like to involve our clients in these initiatives.

In 2022, we remain proud to hold our Eco Cert certification and continue to develop an Eco Responsible Stan solution for our customers.

Our long-term vision is in place, and we are very pleased with the strides we have made in the past few years. Sustainability has been part of the Archex culture for almost 10 years now and will be at the center of decisions for the future. Will you take advantage of this at your next tradeshow?